Mercurey 1er Cru 2018
    Mercurey 1er Cru 2018

    Mercurey 1er Cru 2018

    Domain certified in sustainable agriculture

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    Domain name
    Domaine du Meix-Foulot
    Mercurey 1er Cru
    grape variety
    Pinot noir
    Bottle size
    75 cl
    Alcohol % vol

    The domain

    The Meix Foulot estate, located on the foothills of the ruins of the Château de Montaigu (one of the last bastions of the Dukes of Burgundy), has belonged to the family for more than two centuries today. The great-great-grandfather of the family created the Mercurey appellation in 1923. But it was really Paul de Launay, the father of Agnès Dewé de Launay, the current owner-harvester, who created the estate with its own style and reputation in 1956.

    Modest in size, the Meix Foulot estate will grow from year to year, always in search of quality and authenticity. Paul de Launay was undoubtedly a forerunner in controlling yields, seeking maximum concentration in his wines, while working as closely as possible to nature (ploughing the vines, treating them only when necessary).

    Thus in 2008, the estate passed the milestone of "sustainable agriculture" certification.

    Terroir and breeding

    Elaborated on a terroir of 1.9 hectares, with vines of an average age of 13 to 42 years. Deep clay-limestone / Clay and coarse sand soil. Facing south - east. This Mercurey 1 cru does not specify a location. It is the result of the complementarity of two parcels classified as Mercurey 1 cru located on two very different terroirs: one brings structure and colour, the other elegance and finesse.

    The yield is strictly limited. The hand-picked grapes are transported in crates every ¾ hour maximum to the vatting room to be sorted, then 100% eraflé, before being in vat for 15 to 20 days depending on the vintage. The yeast inoculation is natural. Pigeage and pumping over are carried out according to the richness of the vintage. The cuvée is aged 100% in oak barrels aged from 1 to 5 years in order to use the woody contribution only as an enhancer. After the malolactic fermentation (which generally takes place in May and June) the wine is racked into vats in order to readjust the oxidation-reduction potential and to regain freshness and balance before bottling 20 to 22 months after the harvest. Filtration is rarely carried out: the lees have settled well during the long winter maturing period.

    Tasting notes

    With a pretty dark ruby colour, this wine has a flattering nose marked by ripe red fruits, enhanced by discreet woody notes. On the palate, the attack is perfectly balanced between fruit, acidity and tannins. The palate is lined with red fruits and lingers on a remarkably harmonious finish.

    It will be an ideal companion for red meats, game, marinated preparations and most cheeses. Young, open it one hour before serving, older (5-10 years) don't hesitate to decant it: after the first nose has dissipated, you will find all the fruit.

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